Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hello world. I am going to start blogging again, this time for reals! I'm going to do it secretly, and see who notices first. I have my money on Morgan, but you never know. Maybe no one will ever find this. Maybe this will be a time capsule blog that we can open when we're old!! That would be nice. I'm on break at my work right now. Most of my job consists of wandering around and tidying up strewn puppets and costumes, and fixing minor technical difficulties. I have to wear a vest and carry a walkie talkie. The vest makes me hot and annoyed, and the walkie is silly. I have to work for five days in a row since people are out and its the holiday season. I know "five days in a row" is a normal work week, but this is the pits!! I'm so tired of standing around and answering stupid questions. However, there are always funny moments with kids. Yesterday a particularly chatty seven year old boy (chubby, wearing a red plaid shirt under a tight holiday sweater) wouldnt stop talking about his pedometer! His friend gave it to him for his seventh birthday, and he loved guessing how many steps he had taken before checking. He asked me what my favorite number was, and I said 5. I don't really have a favorite number these days, but I used to like the number 5 because it was the name of Lenny Kravitz's album. The boy said his favorite number is 947. When I asked him why that was his favorite number, he let me know that he just picked it randomly. He then asked me what my favorite letter is. I told him that i liked the look of lower case i's and j's. (WW.) He said that his favorite letter is upper case Q, because it's 10 points in Scrabble. Made my day.

Hey assholes, what's your favorite letter?


bemily said...

i win!!!!!!!

pamelita said...

My favorite number is 4, I think I like it because of it's implied balance. I have a lot of favorite letters cuz I like writing, but the uppercase Q is definitely my favorite letter too because it's so fun to write but only in print. Cursive is another world.
Also, I am going to start blogging too.

Candypants said...

yes! well, it's been one week since your last post. so ill believe it when i see it lady. love you!